GYN Problems

Pelvic pain

Heavy periods

Post-menopause bleeding

Painful periods

Difficulties with bladder control or leakage

Other bowel or urinary symptoms

Menopausal symptoms

Changes in the breast

GYN Services

Minimally invasive surgical procedures

Endometrial ablation


Colposcopy and LEEP

Laparoscopic assisted hysterectomy

Davinci robotic surgery

Evaluation and management of urinary incontinence

Non surgical treatment

Urethral sling procedure

Other surgical and non-surgical treatment

Surgery for uterine prolapse

Treatment for urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted illness

Abdominal and vaginal hysterectomy

Management of sexual health issues

Preventive services

PAP test

Screening for HIV and other STDs

Genetic testing for nominal and high risk for gynecologic cancer

Cholesterol screening


Birth control pills


Contraception implant

Laparoscopic sterilization

Colorectal cancer screens


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